Chain Sleeve

Transport Bicycles with No Damage, No Mess!

The new White Lightning Chain Sleeve solves the problem of how to transport bikes without making a mess. Anyone who has ever loaded a bicycle into their car probably has battle scars on their upholstery: a tear from a sharp gear or a messy grease stain. Now, White Lightning’s cover protects both rides—the vehicle’s interior and the bicycle’s drivetrain.

The Chain Sleeve uses a rip-resistant, 2-ply rubber/nylon material which protects the inside of a car much better than old-school methods such as towels or rags. It is also water resistant to protect the drivetrain itself when transporting bicycles on vehicle-mounted bike racks or storing them in the garage during the winter. Apartment and college dorm dwellers are also using the Chain Sleeve to shield their greasy chains when storing their bikes indoors.

The Chain Sleeve’s unique drivetrain shape and VELCRO® closures make installation a no-brainer. Simply slip the Chain Sleeve over the front gear, then the chain and finally the rear derailleur. Seal it all up using the Chain Sleeve’s Velcro closures.

The Chain Sleeve is also sold under the name Chain Johnny.

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