3-in-1 Bicycle Wrench

3 Essential Metric Tools For Bicycles

Bicycles use metric fasteners. White Lightning 3-in-1 will adjust and tighten all the large fasteners on a bike. Made of heat-treated steel for maximum durability, this tool features 3 essential tools. 

15mm Spanner Wrench

  • Remove wheel nuts for easy flat tire repair. Tighten loose wheel nuts for safe riding. 
  • Install and remove pedals for easier storage in vehicles.

8mm Allen Key Wrench

  • Tighten pedal crank bolts, or remove to service bottom bracket
  • Use to install or remove clipless pedals and tighten kickstands

6mm Allen Key Wrench

  • Adjust and tighten handle bar clamps, headsets and stem bolts
  • Install and tighten brake calipers, derailleurs & chainrings

Pedal Tips: Most flat pedals can be serviced with our 15 mm spanner wrench. Most clipless pedals can be serviced with our 8 mm Allen wrench. Left and right pedals are tightened in opposing directions (counter-clockwise for the left pedal, clockwise for the right). To prevent seizing, apply a thin layer of grease to the pedal thread prior to installing.

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