Easy Clean Tire Brush™

Easily clean every shape and type of tire!

The White Lightning Easy Clean Tire Brush™ is the perfect solution for cleaning dirty tires. The Tire Brush removes tread grit, which improves traction, helps to prevent flats, and minimizes soils when storing or transporting bikes.

The adjustable brush head means the Easy Clean Tire Brush™ will fit every shape and size of tire. Simply adjust the head to customize to your tire size. You can also use the Easy Clean Tire Brush™ wet or dry. Use it dry for light soils that just need to be brushed off, or use wet with Wash and Shine™ (make wash and shine a link to the product) for stubborn or tightly packed soils.

To use, wrap the head of the Easy Clean Tire Brush™ around your tire and scrub. For fast results when cleaning the rear tire, place the brush around the tire, and while holding it in place begin to pedal, the tire will clean itself!

The Easy Clean Tire Brush™ is the simple solution to cleaning dirty tires. Never store or transport a bike with dirty tires again!

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